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By | March 2011
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Blozis Case Report

Executive Summary
My decision as the Supply manager of Blozis company, a as medium sized family owned, manufacturer of highly technical equipment is to find a lasting solution to the recurrent problems in the Company supplies department. Being a small scale family business, the President liked to operate “informally”, this makes it difficult for the supplies department to properly carry out its role. There is haphazard purchasing procedure which is not being followed. There is poor record keeping by which has lead to lose or equipment that was ordered and was never got to the internal customer, customers not being paid as at when due. The engineering and Production are not able to properly describe what they need. And worst of all the Expediter is sometimes playing the role of the buyer and his own office is neglected, to the point of not being able to keep proper records. As the Supply Manager I need to device a smooth working procurement process such that both internal and external customers are satisfied and production gets what they need, when they need it. I need to make the department functional and more productive such that there is less rush samples and time and money spent on order processing is greatly reduced. At this point it will be necessary for me to convince the president of the need to adopt an Electronic Date Interchange system, such that the whole process will run in a continuous unbroken chain as against the situation now.

Key Assumptions
* It is assumed the President and the supplies will be willing to invest in an ERP/EDI system so as to improve the whole process. * It is anticipated the every link in the chain will receive the new system and work together to make it successful. Statement of Issues

The main issue in Blozis company is the inability of the of the Engineering and production Department are not able to properly describe their needs, even though the Buyer is generally considered a...

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