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my answer for richard bransons 25 miilion dollar earth challenge contest to rid of CO2 in the atmospher. You attack it from the ground up then we can talk about satelite systems with jet engine vacume filters flying around in our atmospher later. Born to simplify things. Don't make it sound so complicated Al Gore. Earth was way ahead of us on this one when the trees grew 400 feet high, thousands of years old. The human spieces cut them all down. Ask yourself one question... why did God make trees to live longer than people here on earth? ...or they used to anyway. Build forests with laws that protect never to harvest again and we just might save this planet if we can get it back to the way we found it. Now who needs help planting a forest in your yard? 

What do you call... moving 20 ton of rock to build a 60' river pond, and 20 trees planted to replace your front yard lawn? .... a good start. what if everyone planted 20 trees?
what would that do in relation to the CO2?
Put this in the book "Men Who Move Mountains" by Brett D. Harwood

big fish box, inc.
imagine just for a moment... what if every human
being on planet earth was not hungry, had a full
stomach, and did not have to go to bed
(...but when the world hunger show came on
everyone changed the channel and would rather
be mesmerized by a balloon for 2.5 hours like a
cat and catnip by
most everyone by the looks have not skipped a
meal in years, which by the way no one on planet
earth could figure
out how to bring down or use a heat sensor to
know if a 60 pound child was actually being
carried by a balloon that could only lift a total
weight of 20 pounds. ...and this is our search
and rescue for the USA? The real hoax is when
it comes time for a real emergency that the USA
is prepared for it).
what would that be like? ...even if just for one
how does the saying go ...give a man a fish and
you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and
you feed him for a lifetime.
World changing business idea 21019345:
start by taking one million cargo containers that
are sitting empty on the USA docks and
harbors and convert them into sustainable green
house grow operations that
include proper soils, nutrients, seeds & seedlings
for fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc ...enough to
feed at least and average of 10 - 20 people on an
annual basis. Once converted to specs ship them
to all the countries and villages with the most
need that have children wondering where their
next meal is going to come from. Volunteer
farming and agriculture specialists will travel to
specific target areas to teach people how to
grow and optimize each unit with an ongoing
training and assistance program in place. Cost of
each container fully equipped and shipped will be
covered by advertising dollars, investment
partners, foundation partnerships.
Ideal spokesperson to spearhead this new
initiative would be to invite Michelle Obama as
she recently started/planted a garden at the
White House, but most anyone from Bono to a
few kids from most any school that wanted to
help change the world would do just fine.
All this talk about bailout in America when we
should be helping those that really need it most.
We have it pretty good here in America. When
we have taken the time to help and teach
everyone else to feed themselves …then we eat.
Phase one :
A. Do homework to find out that “Yes” there are
still people starving everyday in this world. Who
is going to argue with the idea other than the
President of North Korea…
B. Cut a deal with all the marine harbors that
would like to get rid of a million containers to
free up space.
C. Contest ...outsource to architectural firms for
best green house conversion utilizing mini wind
turbine and solar power systems, rain water
retention and recycle sub systems, etc.
D. We just hired one million artists/teams
groups, schools etc. to...
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