Blotter System

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Chapter 1
1.0 Introduction
Barangay is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward. It is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines that is governed from the Barangay hall by the Barangay officials. The Barangay hall serves as the shoulder that citizens can lean on in terms of some problems, misunderstanding, conflicts with their kabarangays and other help that they need. The hall is where the Barangay officials manages all the things with regards to their Barangay that’s why it should have a good and well manage Justice System. A good Barangay Justice System (BJS) is an alternative, community-based mechanism for dispute resolution of conflicts. These panel mechanisms are available for administering justice and resolving and/or mediating conflict at the local level through non-adversarial means. The good Barangay Justice System is designed not merely to decongest the courts of cases but to address inequalities in access to justice, particularly experienced by marginalized communities. The primary role of the system is not to decide disputes and impose a solution on the parties but to assist the parties in discussing the possible amicable settlement of their disputes. Because the BJS are dealings with cases that are needed to be record, a good BJS relies on good record keeping. Records of different cases that the BJS handles should be protected. It should be ensure by the Barangay officials because records provide as the evidence of the Barangay’s responsibility for its actions.

With the prologue of 21st century, information technology has been used to develop the blotter system of the Barangay Management System. Computers are not only use for fun and some encoding activities or a tool for doing things with high accuracy, but also they are use to increase the efficiency in all fields ranging from gathering information from the complainants to keeping the records of the complaint. Barangay’s, Philippine National Police and research institutions have been using information technology to assist data records of cases and to have a good service to their community. 1.1 Background of the Study

Based on the history of Barangay Dila, it become a Barrio on 1800 and officially became a Barangay because of the Presidential Degree No. 557 dated 21th of September, 1974. In the year 1980, because of the increasing business that are put or established in different places of the Barangay it had progress and developed. With regards to its security and justice system the Barangay is still using a manual system of blotter because the automated system is not being developed. Barangay Dila is composed of several members who will serve for the needs in their Barangay, encourage them to follow the laws that will maintain the peace in order of the Barangay and will lead them to a better progress. Barangay Tanod/Barangay police (watchman) forms policing functions, they help on maintaining the law and order in the neighborhoods throughout the Barangay Dila.

The Barangay Justice System is composed of members commonly known as "Lupon Tagapamayapa" which functions as to conciliate and mediate disputes at the Barangay level so as to avoid legal action and relieve the courts of docket congestion. Public safety and security is an important issue especially to a growing community such as Barangay Dila, Sta. Rosa. With this, information about crimes and its analysis is of great importance not only to the Barangay officers but as well as the general public. Unfortunately, the current blotter system of Barangay Dila is still on manual. Generally, Barangay Dila conducts several processes to be undergone when a blotter is being made. The following are the things to be made. The desk officer will record the important information about the complainant and its complaint/s. The complaint will be given to the Lupon Tagapamayapa, the scheduled date will be set for the complainant and the respondent to meet. The...
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