Blooms Taxonomy Pyramid

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Bloom's Taxonomy Within a Planning Pyramid

Bloom's Taxonomy within a Planning Pyramid
Introduction to the Exceptional Learner
April 20, 2012

I Actually found one verb that was present on the planning pyramid's unit planning form. Compare and contrast weather and erosion actually had the compare verb for the Bloom's analyzing. The other verbs include: Remembering- rocks and basic components of a basic type that are of the earth's surface. Understanding- the way the earth looked during the Ice Age, sudden change that occurred due to disasters, and weathering and erosion are forces that change the crust. Applying- geographic examples of how slow and fast changes

Evaluating- how physical and chemical weathering is caused by humans The adaptions that are present on the planning pyramid form are thought through and planned out because it looks and seems like the teacher placed the four teaching strategies; content presentation, instructional grouping, provided practice, and progress monitoring that is listed int eh syllabus. It basically looks like the teacher is planning for a visit from a guest speaker to talk about volcanoes. I do feel like that this would definitely cover the instructional grouping and content presentation, and I believe that due to the fact that students will get to learn and talk to a person that has a great deal of knowledge about volcanoes and the erosion that it has done to the earth. I believe that provided practice is similar to the planning because the teacher is thinking and wanting to get rock samples, watch a erosion and weathering video, work with concept maps, and the teacher will also have student to write in a daily log what they learned on a day to day basis. The grouping teaching strategy is also an idea the teacher relates to because he or she wants the students to be in learning groups so that they can learn the textbook materials, and also have a buddy to help them study for pop up quizzes and tests. The...
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