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Topics: Hospital, Surgery, Physician Pages: 3 (535 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Title of the Case: Bloomington Hospital’s Open-Heart Unit Summary of the Case:
In the early 1990s, Bloomington Hospital was a nonprofit 269-bed hospital owned by a nonprofit corporation, Bloomington Hospital Inc. The Local Council of Women, a social organization, founded the hospital in 1905 and owned it until 1987, when the ownership was reorganized, and title to real estate and hospital assets was transferred to the corporation the council retained veto power on major decisions, but for operating matters hospital administration answered to the hospital’s board of directors. The hospital considered a secondary- care facility. Primary care would include the patient’s first contact with the health system, typically made through a physician at an office or clinic or through a smaller hospital offering only such services as emergency rooms, X-ray facilities, and rooms for patients. Secondary-care facilities, including such specialized services as cardiac catheterizations and neurosurgery, and were often used as referral centers for specific regions. Tertiary-care facilities such as large metropolitan hospitals, provided more specialized services such as trauma centers, burn unit, and cardiovascular unit. Co’s Vision, Mission, CSR

Our Mission
Bloomington Hospital exists to provide comprehensive, high quality, Cost effective and caring services to the people of South Central Indiana. I. Statements of objectives
To know why did they failed in planning/strategy at cardiovascular surgery. II. Central Problem
Why did the hospital failed in planning/strategy?
III. Areas of consideration (SWOT ANALYSIS)
1. It is famous.
2. They improve their skills.
3. Good service

1. Surgeons lack of knowledge.
2. Expensive services.
3. Lack of coordination
1. Have many types of services.
2. Can still improve their skills.
3. Can help people better.
1. Have many competitors.
2. Some of their services are dangerous.
3. Can...
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