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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Hello, and welcome to the equity session of the Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program. My name is Rosie Genao, and the goal of this training session is to get you acclimated with our equity functionality so you can quickly and easily navigate through the tools that will be vital for your daily investment analysis.

I will start with key news functions that will keep you up-to-speed with headlines that can affect your investment strategies, as well as the equities markets on the whole. From there, we will walk through functionality that will help you quickly assess the trends of the equities markets. Finally, we will focus on how you can best use Bloomberg for investment idea generation and in-depth security analysis.

Our equities resources fully integrate the very best in real-time data, news and research, providing you with an unmatched level of market data transparency, dynamic monitors, and powerful analytics. With these tools, you can delve into more than 20 years of financial statements, sell-side consensus estimates, extensive technical analysis studies, and idea generation tools for a pool of more than 410,000 equities (ph).

As the Bloomberg Essentials news video outlines, Ngo, which is located in 15 company news, is the main news function and platform for real-time news from tens of thousands of sources, including Bloomberg. It has the most important, most popular, and most recent news across any category. This page will automatically update throughout the day so you can stay abreast of news that impacts the markets and your portfolio.

For the equity space, you can customize this page to display news specific to the equities markets simply by navigating to the left sidebar, which includes an array of topics and securities, and clicking on stocks. When you click on stocks, you will see the right hand side populate with the relevant news for stocks in the Americas or anywhere across the world.

Once you click on stocks on the left hand side, you can select this particular topic as your default simply by clicking on 90 go to save as default at the very top. Notice also that you can use this same sidebar on the left to click into other topics, such as technology or featured news articles that we have on the terminal, such as on European debt. Also note that whenever you see a small B icon next to any article, this means that this is a Bloomberg exclusive story, while the white highlights or indicates that the story has been posted to the system in the last 15 minutes.

Another crucial aspect of news functionality is the ability to mine for news and press releases that directly impact a particular investment strategy. You can run NSEgo at the very top, and you will see a drop-down menu appear which will allow you to select the first function, which is news search. NSE provides unmatched granularity for sector, region, or security-specific news. NSE allows you to search through Bloomberg’s extensive database of news by a simple word search. To make your search within NSE as efficient as possible, the function includes auto complete predictive text, which will come up when typing in your search criteria.

For example, let’s say we’re looking into a search for IBM. If I were to type IBM, you will see that an entire listing will appear in the drop-down menu where the company itself appears first. As you type in your news search topic, the function provides you with a list of relevant results which you then can result from. This saves you time in putting together applicable news searches.

I’d also like to point out that within NSE, you have the option of running a basis or an advanced search, which you can select at the top. With the advanced search, not only can you filter by keywords, but you can also filter on entire ticket lists, topics, people, among other. For example, let’s create a custom news wire that tracks earning news on companies in India. I’ll start...
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