Bloom's Taxonomy Within a Planning Pyramid

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Bloom’s Taxonomy within a Planning Pyramid
Introduction to the Exceptional Learner
April 13, 2012

I only found one verb on the planning pyramid’s unit planning form, the bullet that stated compare and contrast weathering and erosion used the compare verb for Bloom’s analyzing. I assigned the other verbs as follows: Remembering - basic type of rocks and basic components of earth’s surface. Understanding - how earth looked during Ice Age, disasters caused by sudden change, and forces that change crust are weathering and erosion. Applying – geographic examples of slow and fast changes.

Evaluating – how humans cause physical and chemical weathering I think the adaption’s on the planning pyramid form are carefully planned out because it seems that the teacher applied the four teaching strategies; instructional grouping, content presentation, provided practice, and progress monitoring listed in the syllabus. The teacher is planning for a guest speaker to talk about volcanoes, which I feel covers instructional grouping and content presentation because the students will get to talk to someone who has extensive knowledge about volcanoes and the erosion it has done to the earth. I think provided practice is related to the planning because the teacher is planning to get rock samples, watch video on erosion and weathering, use concept maps, and he or she will have students use a daily log to write what they learned about on a daily basis. I feel the teacher also favors the instruction grouping teaching strategy because he or she wants the students to be in cooperative learning groups to learn the material in their textbooks and he also wants them to have a buddy who will help them study for tests and quizzes. I feel the teacher also implements the progress monitoring teaching strategy because he plans on having vocabulary flash to review their vocabulary words as well as he will have weekly quizzes and a unit test which will all monitor his students....
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