Bloom's Taxonomy

Topics: Abuse, Black Death, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Bloom’s Taxonomy: Lord of the Flies
1.Knowledge: How does Ralph become the chief over Jack and all the other boys? Ralph becomes the chief because Roger suggests that they all should elect a leader by voting and most of the boys voted for Ralph over Jack. 2.Comprehension: How long have the boys been stranded on the island when they first unite and make shelter? In chapter three of Lord of the Flies, it mentions how Jack’s hair was “considerably longer than it had been when they dropped in” (43), and how his face and back was covered in freckles and sunburn; therefore it suggests that the boys must have been on the island for a couple of weeks now. 3.Application: Apply the color black to Jack.

Jack demonstrates the color black throughout the beginning of the story. Black symbolizes something dark and sinister, like a moonless night, where the dark creeps up on someone. Jack seems mysterious and hiding his true self such as a black hole which is unknown. Despite the fact that Jack lost the vote for chief, he still has authority over most of the boys. Black also symbolizes death, similar to the Black Plague where millions of people died. Jack carries a blade around because he desires to slaughter a pig; he wants “meat” (49). 4.Analysis: Although Piggy always seems to try and lead the group in the right direction and comes up with good ideas on how to survive why do the boys constantly abuse and mistreat him? Many legitimate reasons could explain the mistreatment of Piggy; however, the main reason he gets bashed on is due to his lack of dominance and his weight problem. He suggests great ideas, but he is not forceful. Piggy’s soft side counteracts with his leadership skills guiding him in the direction of humiliation. Piggy’s “apprehension” (9) shows he is not worthy to be a leader. Also, Piggy serves as an easy target; he does not demonstrate intimidation and is mostly in a cheerful mood. The boys then could quickly point out his obesity using his flaw against...
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