Bloody Mary

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The Impact of Bloody Mary: Mary Tudor

The investigation of Mary Tudor and the explanation of her background and her impact will be thoroughly described in this paper. Mary Tudor or as you may know her “Bloody Mary” was a queen of distress. Mary went through many hardships within her family, friends and herself. Coming from having it all too almost nothing at all, her strength and courage got her through the hardest times of her life. Mary’s will to succeed and achieve finally became noticed, when she was appointed Queen of England. Mary had many plans; some were fulfilled while others went up in smoke, literally. Although, Most can agree that Mary was the most hated queen tin British history. She still captivated the hearts of those still reading her story today.

The Impact of Bloody Mary: Mary Tudor
Mary Tudor was the ultimate definition of being the queen of distress, her hardship and background struggles helped her achieve her role as queen but, it also made her less desirable and mean. Mary was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII of England and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. After several miscarriages, three stillborn children, two who had died in their infancy, Mary’s mother Catherine had painful experiences when it came to pregnancies. Henry came to the realization that Catherine would not be able to supply him with a son, therefore wanted to leave her. Henry Petitioned hat his marriage violated the biblical injunction and finally they declared the marriage between the two “null and absolutely void, which made his daughter Mary, illegitimate. This made Catherine and her daughter furious . Henry’s next wife made it impossible for him to see his eldest daughter, Mary. When His 2nd wife couldn’t supply a son either, Henry was separated once again. The 3rd marriage of Henry was his was Mary’s favorite and that was when he became a lot closer to his daughter Mary when his wife had...
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