Blood Type Reaction

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Lab #11
Blood Type Reaction.

Problem: What happens when two different blood type are mixed? Background information: Blood clot stop blood loss quickly minor wound. People can inherit one of four types of blood: A, B, AB or O. Type A, B, and AB have chemical identifications tags called antigens on their red blood cells. Type O red blood cells have no antigens. People with blood type O are called universal donor because their blood can be transfused into a person with any blood type. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that blood type O when mixed with blood type A will not exhibit any chemical reaction. I hypothesize that blood type AB- when mixed with blood type AB+ will have a chemical reaction (clumping/clots.) I hypothesize that blood type B when mixed with blood type A+ will have a chemical reaction.

* Beaker
* Conical Flask
* Dropper
* Simulated blood
* 4 Test tube
* Measuring cup
* Lemon juice
* Water

1. Label the four test tubes -- A, B, AB, O.
2. Measure 5 ml of simulated blood and add it to the test tube. 3. Lemon juice represents blood type for blood type B and O. 4. Water represents blood type A for blood groups A and AB. 5. Add few drops of lemon juice to test tubes labeled B and O. 6. Add few drops of water to test tube labeled A and AB. 7. Record your observation in your date table.

Data Table:
Blood type| Clumping |
A| NO|

1. Compare the reaction of each blood type with antigen A was added to the blood. Blood types B and O clumped when lemon juice (antigen A) was added 2. Observe where clumping took place.
I observe that type blood B and O is where the clumping took place. 3. Compare your results with...
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