Blood Transfusion

Topics: Blood, Blood bank, Blood transfusion Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Blood Transfusion is commonly being ordered to patients who lost a great deal of blood due to a diseasecondition or an accident. It can also be ordered by the physician if the patient is to undergo an operation that would involve considerable blood loss. The following is a step-by-step checklist of things to do and other responsibilities to ensure proper blood transfusion and prevent any unwanted reactions and errors. 1. Verify the physician’s written order and make a treatment card according to hospital policy 2. Observe the 10 Rs when preparing and administering any blood or blood components 3. Explain the procedure/rationale for giving blood transfusion to reassure patient and significant others and secure consent. Get patient histories regarding previous transfusion. 4. Explain the importance of the benefits on Voluntary Blood Donation (RA 7719- National Blood Service Act of 1994). 5. Request prescribed blood/blood components from blood bank to include blood typing and cross matching and blood result of transmissible Disease. 6. Using a clean lined tray, get compatible blood from hospital blood bank. 7. Wrap blood bag with clean towel and keep it at room temperature. 8. Have a doctor and a nurse assess patient’s condition. Countercheck the compatible blood to be transfused against the crossmatching sheet noting the ABO grouping and RH, serial number of each blood unit, and expiry date with the blood bag label and other laboratory blood exams as required before transfusion. 9. Get the baseline vital signs- BP, RR, and Temperature before transfusion. Refer to MD accordingly. 10. Give pre-meds 30 minutes before transfusion as prescribed. 11. Do hand hygiene before and after the procedure

12. Prepare equipment needed for BT (IV injection tray, compatible BT set, IV catheter/ needle G 19/19, plaster, torniquet, blood, blood components to be transfused, Plain NSS 500cc, IV set, needle gauge 18 (only if needed), IV hook, gloves,...
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