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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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English 12
Research Essay Proposal
Ashley Jeffers

Overview: My thesis will be that the children’s TV show Sesame Street, despite the attempts to make children learn from a young age actually questions some opinions with the changes that it occurs. Sesame Street is an extremely popular children’s TV show in America since the 1970., and has a huge impact on children growing up. Changes have been made to certain characters that have affect of stereotyping certain people. Despite the changes that are occurring, is it for the good of people or for the bad?

Thesis statement: Despite the questioning of the changes of Sesame Street it may have a good lesson to learn by changing habits, such as the cookie monster eating healthy.

“Sesame Street.” October 20th 2010. October 24th 2010. A Canadian TV show that was similar to Sesame Street. It aimed the audience of Canadian children. Was filmed in a park, to show a better environment. Unlike an environment of a city street. Despite it being brodcast on a amercian TV, only 23 minutes were allowed to be shown aboout canada

Cate LC. Shannon, “Sesame Street Changes with the Times Again” April 1st 2009. October 34th 2010. The Children's Television Workshop, producers of Sesame Street and other public television hits for shorties, announced that it will develop its longtime favorite Bert and Ernie characters into a more openly gay couple in a committed relationship. More and more children today are living in proximity to happy, healthy, gay people who have no interest in hiding their sexualtity. They will no longer be known as best buds, but as boyfriends.

Heffernan Virginia. “Sweeping the Clouds Away.” The New York Times November 18, 2007: 632 The earlies eposiodes of Sesame Street: Old School is known to be for the adults then for the children. It shows the characters Ernie and Bert living in a basement appartment, cookie monster on the earge of diebeties, and overweight...
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