Blood Sugar and Glucose Level

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Glucowatch is a advance technology in blood glucose monitoring . this will use very low current to measure glucose level from interstitial fluid , and shows the digital reading. Gluco watch works in the principal of Reverse Intophoresis based Glucose Monitoring devise ( RIGMD ). It is programmed to alert the person when the glucose level gets high or low in blood concentration . and helps the person to maintain constant glucose level . It is easy and user friendly ( David Mendosa, 2010 )

It helps the diabetes to maintain the constant level of blood glucose . Those persons can plan about their food preference physical activities then medication by knowing the result from glucose monitoring. The most common way of glucose monitoring was finger tip pricking with the lancing device to obtain blood sample , then measuring the glucose level in sample using gluco meter . many types meters are available and they are accurate if properly used . but the gluco watch is consistent when compared with normal traditional finger pricking method. But results differ , 30 % , one fourth of time specially when glucose level is low . Gluco watch will not measure glucose level from blood it find out chemical changes took place in skin surface and give the reading of concentration of glucose for every 10 to 20 minutes. ( David Mendosa, 2010 )

Automating biographer of glucose ,this works in the principles of ( RIGMD ) . Revarse Intophoresis based glucose monitoring device .It measure electrical current the glucose concentration from interstitial fluid. That was measured by electro chemical sensors.

Sensor is a composition of electrode , AMD , Glucose Oxidase ( Gox ) . Micro current was produced in electrodes for performing RIG from intial fluid in skin and glucose was extracted . Glucose oxidase GOx present in the sensor gel will convert the extaracted glucose into gluconic acid and H2O2 . O2 GOx + Glucose → Gluconic Acid + H2 O2

H2 o2 is reduced to o2 to produce current by electro catalytic oxidation and difference in current gives the changes in glucose level in the patients body . H2 o2 → o2 + 2h + + 2e-
(C J. Koread med sci)
People facing type 1 doabetes or type 2 diabetes should maintain constant glucose level everyday . Several researches were performed on finger pricking method and continuous glucose monitoring method. Self glucose monitoring method was mainly done by taking a small drop of blood from finger tip which shows pain, but glucowatch is automatic analysis of glucose level, without any pain.Gluco watch will be alarming for every ten to twenty minutes reminding the patient about glucose level . You can wear a glucowatch like a wrist watch , that will give a digital reading of glucose level. glucowatch is user friendly Disadvantages:

The accuracy of RIGMD needs to be identified for possible effects , high and low temperature and in the presence of excess perspiration in the site where sense are working. Present study analysis of RIGMD is not sufficiently accurate enough to replace the traditional finger pricking way. Glucowatch will skip the reading while sweating It is not water proof , therefore it should be handled carefully. This will not cause serious reaction in skin except mild irritation. Due to weak signal the first calibration is also skipped possible limitations of GlucoWatch is warming-up time is too long and skin irritation.

A real time glucowatch is programmed for reading and alarming or low and high level of glucose The most important advantage of alarming is to know unexpected hypo glycemia while sleeping or other occasions. There is a reaction between alarm sensitivity and specificity , if the alarm set to sound at lower level of hypo glycemia the sensitivity will be poor but the specificity will be good, and for higher level of hypo glycemia the...
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