Blood Stain

Topics: Homicide, Murder, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Blood Stain Analysis
On April 18, 2013 at 6:30pm, in ballroom 250 at the Student Union Building; I went to one amazing, interesting speech on Blood Stain Analysis. Paulette Sutton is from Memphis, Tn. She is one of the best forensic investigators, which is first called to observe a blood scene. As for her job is to go to a murder scene and investigate how a murder, homicide, or even a fight occurred according to how the blood splattered, or dripped. For someone who just investigated blood and how the blood spattered or drips, she is actually a great speaker. After she’s done with her investigation, she is to report it to the investigator; on how the crime occurred. When the investigation is done, she with all the other investigators is to appear in court. Since Sutton speaks in court, she gained great experience on speaking to the audience very well. Throughout Sutton speech, she maintained a very well organized presentation. She managed to start off by introducing herself, and her job. Second, gave us some murder cases. Thirds, took us through her investigation thoughts and everything she said. Throughout the presentation, Sutton managed to adapt to the audience because of the language used. Also, Sutton was using a great power-point; which had great cases like Dr. Paul Kirk. Within the presentation she showed the dead body, the killer, and the scene of the crime. Not only did she have a great power-point, but a great delivery message. Throughout her presentation, she knew what she was talking about. She didn’t really have to look on the power-point or any cards to read off of. She managed to have a lot of eye contact with the audience on both side and went to both side of the stage. With the eye contact, Sutton used a lot of hand gestures, by pointing at the power-point, or an example is when she explained the blood drops she used her hands. Another example is the crime which someone was killed on the top floor, but blood was dripping downstairs and...
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