Blood Sports

Topics: Animal welfare, Blood sport, The Animals Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The issue of blood sports has been gradually becoming significant over the past years, where influences have been seen in animals. Some advocate that blood sports should be banned, whereas some oppose to the idea.

It appears that blood sports are considered to be popular activities in a number of places, which represents that some population enjoy this particular sport for several reasons. Rumour has it that blood sport is one way to bring excitement to life for both the contestants and audience. Seemingly, prizes are often offered for the winners of blood sports, which can be regarded as an achievement as well as a source of income for some people. For instance, the champions of animal fighting are usually rewarded with a certain amount of money and meanwhile the audience is entertained. Thus, blood sports are considered to be rewarding and enjoyable activities.

Despite all the disagreeing discussion of the topic mentioned above, there are still some certain agreeing arguments exist for this particular issue. It is usually agreed that blood sports are inhumane and violent to animals due to the fact that it can lead to an increase on the deaths of animals. Obviously, the animals are incapable of expressing their feelings as human beings do, which signifies that those with great involvement in this specific sport, use the animals as a tool for entertaining experiences and gaining money even though they know the animals are vulnerable. In fact, most injured animals after each fighting are thought to be ignored or treated disrespectfully. For example, exhaustion, dehydration, infection and even death are commonly seen in those animals after the fights in blood sports. Therefore, blood sports should be prohibited.
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