Blood of Flowers

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The Blood of Flowers Essay
By Yasmine
Due: January 9, 2012

The novel Blood of Flowers portrays how women are treated and their rights and privileges. In the novel, Lives of the Saints, the same views are shared. The difference is how their two main characters are using the rights and privileges. In both novels, the women are abused and not supported enough by the main male character. In Lives of the Saints, the father of Cristina, knew what she was doing, should have provided guidance on how wrong these actions were taking. Cristina’s reputation and self-respect was degraded immensely once people were aware of her actions. In Blood of Flowers, the young women in the novel signed a “sigheh”. This means that she would sell herself to another man in order to get money for herself and her widowed mother. When the young girl agreed to do this, she degrading her family status along with her self-respect. Both novels share the degration and both feature main characters whose actions control the actions of the main female character. Another aspect, the two novels share, is the thoughts of the opposite gender that come in contact with the main character. The men in both novels are interested only in themselves, their own rights and the selfishness of their own actions.

In Blood of Flowers, this behavior occurs more often because of the time period and location in which the novel is based on. The male figure, in Blood of Flowers, has arranged a “sigheh” with the young woman. He has the right to do so because society doing was considered a sigheh “acceptable behavior”, and still is, because it is under law that men are allowed to do so. In Lives of the Saints, the male does have a choice but the choice is comparably different. Cristina has the attitude is more accepting when a male takes advantage of her, or dis-owns her. This is because Cristina believes this is normal because so many men have done these actions of hatred towards her in the past.

In the novel Blood of Flowers there are many situations that the young girl faces which deal with women’s rights. She accepts the abuse because it was a good way to earn much needed money for her widowed mother and herself. This behavior was acceptable society of a male to force to a temporary “marriage”, just to have the women for one’s self-pleasure. The book is based in seventeenth century Iran, which at that time, it was acceptable for a male party to have the right to own a women of his choice. Women had no rights and could not escape the controlling behavior. The young girl in the novel is put in this position at fourteen years of age. Gordiyah and Gostham (aunt and uncle of the young girl), make the decisions to sell the young girl into prostitution. In the young girl’s eyes, she thinks of the sigheh (prostitution) as being… “Legal, yes, but some people consider it beneath them” (page 118). This quotation is a representation of the rights and privileges of women that time era. They are treated as though they are a right to men and men act as though they own them so they can do as they please. The young girl is distraught about the look of control she has and how it has degraded her reputation and the value of her life.

In Blood of Flowers, the degradation started when a young man named Faradyoon offers the young girl a “sigheh” which is a form of prostitution. The family does not give the girl an option because they think her answer would be to juvenile for such a serious matter. So the young girl’s mother, and the uncle and aunt, decide that this is a perfect situation for both mother and daughter to get money to start out their new life in Isfahan, after a tragic death in their family. After signing the “sigheh”, the young girl is forced to do whatever Faradyoon tells her to do. This goes on for three months until the agreement is to be renewed again. The only issue is now Faradyoon has chosen somebody other than the young girl, to be his wife. The...
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