Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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“Blood is always thicker than water”. I learnt that phrase when I was much younger but I never really understood the meaning till recently due to various incidents. The first incident happened during recess last Monday when I was being threatened by the class bully, Ah Di, to give my money to him. Everyone else was too frightened of Ah Di to ask him to stop the bullying and they just pretended that they did not see anything even when I called for help. My brother was the only one who stood by me when I was being bullied. When he was walking towards the canteen from another class, he saw me cowering at a corner with Ah Di towering over me and did not wait a second more before stepping in to prevent me from being beaten badly by that boy. The other incident would be when I quarrelled with my best friend, Ah Hong, who was very popular. Everyone was against me for quarrelling with him and I was cast into the recesses of society. Nobody would talk to me and I became very lonely, always at a corner, watching the rest of the class having fun. When my parents knew of the matter, they consoled me and encouraged me to be happier. They gave me the sound advice of believing in myself and that I should find Ah Hong and work out this problem together. I cannot thank them enough for the support that they have given me so far. My parents are also responsible for my love of learning in life. They make me feel intelligent and well-loved. I know that I am someone important to them. My family will always be there for me while friends are transient. After so many experiences with friends, I realise that I can always choose my friends. It also takes a long time to find a sincere and true friend. With family, it is different as my family cares for me no matter what happens. My brother and I may have our differences but we always manage to make matters work somehow. Thus, blood is indeed thicker than water.
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