Blood Doping

Topics: Red blood cell, Hematocrit, Erythropoietin Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: May 12, 2008
Blood Doping
The sporting culture has become highly competitive, causing athletes to turn to drugs or supplements to gain that edge over other athletes. Some athletes have even looked past drugs and supplements to pass the competition testing policies, turning to blood doping. Blood doping is the act of extracting blood from an athlete, then prior to competition re-injecting the blood back into the athlete’s body. This is a very dangerous procedure that is usually performed by a doctor. Current Trends:

Current trends of blood doping have been under discussion in the Tour de France, Olympic skiing, and marathon running. The use of blood doping is mainly used in endurance sports because the effects are most beneficial to those sports that require a higher amount of oxygen consumption, which is also known as VO2 [2]. The most current use of blood doping occurred in May of 2006, when Spanish police raided a Madrid doping clinic and seized blood doping supplies. The police report published about the incident from the raid, traced at least 50 professional cyclists, in which 23 of them were disqualified from the 2006 Tour de France [1]. As you can tell, blood doping was a popular choice of those participating in the 2006 Tour de France. Literature Review:

Blood doping is a multi step process that is usually performed by an individual that has a medical degree. In the first step of the blood doping procedure, a doctor draws up to four units of blood (1 unit = 450 ml) from an athlete’s body, which puts their body into an anemic state. The human body contains 10-12 pints or units of blood [1]. The blood that is withdrawn is then centrifuged to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The centrifuged vial of red blood cells is then placed in a refrigerated space for up to 40 days, keeping the cells viable. With the athlete’s body having a low count of red blood cells, the body recognizes that more red blood cells need to be produced. As...
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