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  • Published : February 7, 2012
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The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template

Note: Already filled information should not be changed

| |Name of the Project |Blood donor central database and web-portal | | |Objective/ Vision |Looking for an online centralised web-portal where blood banks and hospitals can look for donors in their | | | |near by area who will be available in quick time . And also keep record of donors health report to evaluate | | | |quickly . | | |Users of the System |A. Administrator (this should be a general body , could be from central blood bank agency) | | | |B. Blood Banks, Hospitals, Clinics, etc | | | |Blood Donors | | | |D. Non- Members | | |Functional Requirements |Administrator should have access to all details of blood donors | | |(Atleast Eight) |While filling the personal imformation page for any donor, only Name, Region, contact details which could be | | | |phone number / email and blood group should be made mandatory . Other details should not be made mandatory. | | | |The details of donors should be saved in such a way that there should be less blank spaces like in xml. | | | |Blood Banks , hospitals etc could browse for blood donors in their near by area and also the search result | | | |should provide only those donors who have not donated blood in last 3 months | | | |Blood donors should be asked to give feedback of the health report of donors (on basis of their blood taken),| | | |for future consideration after the blood donation is being made by donor. | | | |No user could access any details of donors without being a member of website. | | | |Only hospitals, blood banks etc should be able to see the contact details of donors (like phone number / | | | |email) | | | |Blood donor should be allowed to see only the name and region they live in. Also if they need to ask another | | | |blood donor for any blood donation help it should be through admin and proper reason for which there should | | | |be a form to be filled by donor. | | | |A points should be given to every donor on basis of their blood donation which could be used by blood donors | | |...
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