Blood Disorders

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  • Published : August 9, 2010
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Blood Disorders

HCA/240 – Health & Diseases

Blood Disorders

Blood disorders come in all types and forms. There are some disorders that are genetic and there are those disorders that are developed even before one is born. The blood disorders that exist today are very important to understand them and how to treat them. It is first important to know the signs, symptoms and type of treatments to administer. It is also very important to know your family history, because those disorders that are genetically inherited could go undetected if one is not looking for it.

We also have disorders that occur from our everyday surroundings. We must be very alert as to the environmental type disorders and making sure we understand how to treat them. When we as humans do not eat healthy nutritional foods, blood disorders can develop. Not eating healthy is something that can be controlled. If we do not eat foods high in fiber or iron rich foods such as meats, eggs, and whole grain foods along with exercise, one can develop such a disorder as iron deficiency anemia (Web MD, 2009).

We have been presented three cases to review of people who present with symptoms of certain types of blood disorders. Each scenario has different symptoms. Our first scenario Amy is a four year old girl who appears to be tired and feeble. She is a Caucasian female that has indicated she is not feeling her regular self. Her habits at the dining room table are not very good either. Her mother has indicated that Amy does not eat the best of healthy foods. She is described as a picky eater. Many of the food choices are based on what mom cooks. The budget will not provide for the healthiest of foods because of a large family and plenty of mouths to feed.

Based upon the details provided “Amy” appears to be experiencing a vitamin B-12 deficiency anemia and iron deficiency anemia. Amy will need to present to her primary care physician to have a physical and have the...
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