Blood Diamonds Sierra Leone

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  • Published : October 29, 2010
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Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone

Throughout the decades there has been many hard times, conflicts over disagreement, fighting and competition. There has been a huge clash over the use of diamonds and in fact how they are produced, and where they were originated. There has always been a major demand for diamonds for noticeable reasons. Diamonds are big business - the retail trade is worth over $30bn annually. It is proved that Diamonds are one of the world's most precious gems. Diamonds are beautiful objects. Shinning bright, worn by many named celebrities, which may give an impact on why people want to wear these striking stones. Diamonds can be used for numerous different reasons. About 20% of diamonds found are used for jewellery, the other 80% used in industry. These uses include: cutting tools, polishing hard metal, phonograph and videodisc needles, and bearings for laboratory instruments.

Many people generally take out money from their pockets and easily pass the money over and buy their diamonds, however a huge percentage of people don’t think about these diamonds, who has produced them, and the circumstances they were produced in. Numerous diamonds have been produced in safe and healthy circumstances not containing violence and cruelty to work. Nevertheless, it is closed behind doors what happens in several countries. Diamonds are found and produced in specific countries. Conflict or Blood diamonds are gems mined in war zones. Rebel groups use money from selling diamonds to buy guns and other military hardware. A common place that produces diamonds is Central African Republic, which is located in the continent of Africa. One of the countries where a large number of diamonds are produced is Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is located Sierra Leone is located on the West Coast of Africa between 7 and 10 degrees N, and longitudes 10.5 and 13 degrees W. Sierra Leone is situated in the northern hemisphere just above the equator. The Republic of Guinea is to the north and northeast; Liberia is to the east and southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south. It has 300 miles of coastline.

Over many years throughout the history of our time there has been a huge conflict and has been the topic of discussion over the use of diamonds and where they have actually originated from. . The explanation being that many people query that the diamonds brought on to the market could in fact be ‘Blood Diamonds’ or equally known as ‘Conflict Diamonds’ which is when rebel groups in Africa use diamonds. Sierra Leone was exporting millions of dollars worth of gems - but most were smuggled, many "blood diamonds" from the rebels. The money that was earned from selling these jewels is used badly , to perhaps pay for the guns knives and other safety weapons used in fighting for their country. A major story that has come up during the past years in the news, was about the well known british supermodel, Naomi Campbell. She was offered the huge chance to earn a great deal of money to be featured in a new advert in promoting a new diamond outlet that was to open in town . Obviously many people wouldn’t even need to think about the answer, However Ms Campbell, now aged 40, turned down the chance and backed out of the offer at the time. Naomi Campbell stated reasons for this, as follows: I have always had a concern over this whole blood diamond situation. I hear about these disastrous events where these poor children or adults are made to work day in day out and don’t even earn much money from that. The money may not even be given to those specific people How am I supposed to know where these diamonds are from? Im not going to take the chance. I know it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sierra Leone also produces copper and other metals. It is thought by some people that it is a wealthy country because it produces many valuable minerals, however this country is not a very developed country at all. Sierra Leone is not...
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