Blood Diamonds

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Nancy Alvarado
July 25, 2012
David Thrope

Executive Summary

I believe that selling diamonds would create a social conflict because a company can run the risk of selling blood diamonds without even knowing, even though it can give a great profit to a jewelry company. Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are “diamonds that come from areas where there is conflict such as violence groups and rebels that are protestors against their government like war zones. These diamonds are obtained in using slaves or slave-people regime. Usually, blood diamonds are associated with the conflicts for which arms and ammunition are financed by the money obtained by selling these diamonds. In some cases, the United Nations have sanctioned the export of these diamonds, arguing that governments opposing armies financed illegally or involved in serious violations of human rights are prolonging the conflict.


Hidden as a nice showcase of wealth or as an investment - these stones provide plenty of space to meet specific needs, and often enough diamonds serve as the basis for bloody conflicts. However, a glimpse at the dark side of “Diamonds” is reflecting the significant name of blood diamonds. As a result most diamond consumers have focused on conflict free diamonds as a way to better separate themselves from the violent conflicts that exist around the world. This is what a new company trying to sell diamonds should consider. However, this can influence the marketing mix, such as the diamond’s integrity, price, where they will be purchased and how it will be promoted. Since these consumers could found out what impact the diamond trade has on violence, they might try to find a way to make sure that when they buy a diamond that does not contribute to the death and destruction. By doing this, the diamond industry could be affected because diamond consumers seem to be adopting the fact that until they’re sure they’re not contributing to conflict countries, they might not buy a diamond. The correlation between this trade and the number of deaths is so well known that people began to refer to any gem that generates money for militants as a blood diamond.


Finding a strategy to identify providers that provide blood diamonds would be a key to make sure the company sells conflict free diamonds. Our planet has provided worldwide resources that have provided life for war, rebellion, corruption and murder. For many people, the connection to terrorism has been the most disturbing. The gems which once were given as tokens of love and affection have been, in many instances, perverted into symbols of hatred, violence, and death. To date, these reasons have not changed significantly and in addition to the profit the most power is in the foreground, if crude oil, natural gas and a variety of other treasures inside the earth be removed. Diamonds are one of these treasures, enjoy an enduring popularity worldwide and are still propagated as a showcase for luxury, wealth and prestige. While most women cherish and men around the globe, no thought of dealing with these gems bad, it turns out that rich countries are in conflict diamonds as a basis for payment for the procurement of weapons and war material varied. Blood diamonds are diamonds called those who, for example, as in Sierra Leone, mined illegally for financial basis of invasion troops and rebels used.

Even if the United Nations identified for the first time in 1998 the problem of financing the conflict through the traffic of diamonds, the industry was taking its first steps to address this problem by establishing a process that would allow certifying the origin of a diamond. In the month of May of the year 2000 the countries that produced diamonds met in Kimberley, in South Africa to establish a system to combat the illegal traffic of diamonds to buyers and ensure the lawful origin of the stones purchased (Hilson & Clifford, 2010)....
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