Blood Diamond

Topics: Edward Zwick, Sierra Leone, Diamond Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Would you buy a Blood Diamond? Stylistic Analysis
Film 1010-200
July 14, 2011

The movie Blood Diamond is an action/adventure and drama movie. It was shot all around Mozambique to give off the scenery of Sierra Leone. The movie shows different villages in different scenarios, with rich natural colors like brown, green, red etc. The cities are portrayed as hectic and intimidating, dirty and poor. The actors in the movie are dressed in neutral colored clothes which are dirty and torn. The clothes give off the sign that the people are having a hard time in the country. The lighting in the movie is very bright. It portrays Sierra Leona in a way that makes the audience feel like they are living it. The actors portray the character wonderfully, showing what happens during civil wars in Africa and how diamond mines effect the people living there. Director Edward Zwick has a big approach to the narrative part of this movie. In the beginning of the movie it starts with a dark lighting but a small hint of candle lit by Solomon Vandi. Soon after the movie shifts to a bunch of tracking shots of the African wilderness and landscapes, with long shots of the mountains and fields. During the first few minutes into the movie, Solomon and his son are walking towards the village; the settings around them is quiet and relax until it’s disrupted by a groups of rebels. As the movie continues the Director uses more long shots to intensify the tension of the civil war going on in Sierra Leone. Examples of tracking shot are shown when Solomon and Danny Archer are running from the rebels during the capture of Cape Town. The director uses crane shots for the scenes where the characters are running up or hiking in the mountains. There are lots of uses of extreme long shots during the landscape scenes. For example, the scene of the refugee camp, the whole camp is show yet not human figures are recognizable. Throughout the movie there are several uses of close up shots to escalate the...
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