Blood Brothers

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Mickey charges into the council offices where at the time Edward is delivering his speech. Mickey has the main role in the final scene; he has Edward at gunpoint, as is not at all sure what he is actually doing. Numerous factors contributed to the success of the production, this will include, stage set, lighting, characterisation, performance, general theatre, the mass recession on the 1970s.

'Mickey! Don't shoot Eddie. He's your brother' The final scene of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell is one of dramatic impact and culmination, representing the intense tension which has developed previously throughout the play attributable to several climatic aspects, this is emphasised by the quote from the closing scene directing to ultimately the most significant instance of the entire play.

The confrontation leads Linda onto the scene trying to placate Mickey and to defuse the situation. To make matters worse, the Police arrive then their Mother Mrs Johnstone arrives and drops the bombshell to Both Mickey and Eddy 'the Blood Brothers' that they are in fact twin brothers separated at birth and they should not be fighting. The stark reality adversely affects Mickey who asks 'Why me, why did his life turn out so bad on the poor side and his new found twin brother has led the good life with fine education and all the nice things that he never got'. In the heat of the moment Mickey's gun is pointing at Eddy and goes off. The Police react by shooting Mickey. The final act is the haunting superstitious story echoing back from Mrs Lyons. The final song is the haunting melody of 'Tell Me it's Not true' sung by Mrs Johnstone and the remaining cast. 

The final tension incorporated in Blood Brothers was the tension of the surprise. Tension of surprise is the process of where a character becomes aware of something they did not already know and consider it shocking. Indeed, Blood Brothers had an immensely great tension of surprise nearer the end of the show. The ending of...
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