Blood Brothers

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Blood Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Blood Brothers Essay

The past few weeks I have been reading the play Blood Brothers written by Willy Russell. It is the story of twin brothers who are separated at birth. Wealthy Mrs Lyons, who is not able to have her own children, blackmails her maid, Mrs Johnstone into giving her one of her new born twins. Mrs Lyons says all Miss Johnston’s other children well benefit, as the Johnston’s have little money. The women agree that it should be their secret and no one else will ever know the truth. The play explores many themes, some being, superstition, friendship and social class. This essay will discuss the changes in the relationship between Edward and Mickey, while also looking at the conveyed themes.

The first time Edward and Mickey meet is when they are seven. "My best friend always had sweets to share." Mickey is describing Eddie as his "best friend." When the brothers first met Edward shared sweets with Mickey, this small gesture started their friendship. If Edward had not shared his sweets the brothers might have never became friends. When they find out that they were born on the same day Mickey asks Eddie to become his 'blood brother'. The boys both made a small cut on their hand, then linked the cuts together, making the blood from the boys join. Both mothers find out about their friendship and are fast in telling their sons to break it up. Edward tells Mickey, ‘My mum says I haven’t got to play with you’ Mickey replies ‘Well, my mum says I haven’t to play with you’. Both mothers are trying to get the twins to stop communicating. By this time the brothers are good friends and blood brothers. Against their mothers wishes the brothers continue to have a friendship until Mrs Lyons even decides to persuade her husband to move the family away. Soon after, the Johnston’s are moved to a house in the country - unknown to them it’s the same area in which the Lyons moved to.

The brothers meet again in a field at the age of 14, not knowing who the other is....
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