Blood Brothers

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Blood Brothers [Points for Revision]

o The use of vernacular language also allowed it to be suitable for older viewers as well as younger ones. The aim of the play was to show the audience that no good comes from lying as well as showing them the difficulties some families go through such as single parenthood and infertility. It also showed the different social classes and was strongly based on the fact of superstition. The play managed to effectively show these aspects in a realistic manner. o There are many themes used in 'Blood Brothers', the main ones being based on class and superstition. o One of the most compulsory characters in Willy Russell's 1983 play Blood Brothers is the narrator. He is the main dramatic device and is critical for the audience. He makes the plot constantly flow and explains loose ends throughout the story. As well as being the narrator he plays various minor roles. He sings many songs, which show characters' emotions, and introduce and develop important themes. The narrator's main focus is to explain the story and what's happening. After long sections of speech he will briefly explain what's just happened, in case the actions don't make it clear. He also makes sure you fully understand the story. One example is just after Mickey shoots someone. The gun goes off and straight after the narrator says, "There's a man lies bleeding on a garage floor." o Throughout the course of the play we are shown the issues of a class system and the theory of nature versus nurture. Russell encourages the audience to question everything they see, as the characters seem realistic, but we are reminded constantly that what we are watching is a construction. He achieves this by using many dramatic devices, which prove to be very effective throughout the course of the play. This includes the use of the traditional narrator, to also using other characters as tools in the play to help reveal further information to us, which we may not have...
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