Blood Brothers

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The play written by Willy Russell is set In Liverpool and revolves around Eddie and Mickey (Johnston) as they become separated by the actions of Mrs Lyons who bribes the real mother Mrs Johnston to hand over one of her twins for money and for beneficial reasons, claiming that she cannot support all her many children on her current income. She also proposes that the child would have a better life with her and her husband. The reminder of the play Blood Brothers shows the differences in lifestyle the two boys live, almost like the difference of Black and White. As the play goes on this opposite relationship is changed and the similarities of the two are made clearer. Blood Brothers also attempt to show the large gap in society between the first class and the working class people, showing a great deal of status differences. We could see this by the language used by Mrs Lyons, the props used on stage and the characters appearance. This was especially noticeable between Eddie and Mickey. Other characters in the play include Mr Lyons and Linda who is a friend of the two brothers. Both these character take a supporting role. Linda, takes an increased role later in the play where she attracts the attention of both Mickey and Eddie, creating a complex idea of expressed love from Eddie and Mickey. She finally created the large conflict between the two Blood Brothers nearer the end of the play. One other mentionable character was the Narrator. The Narrator is a mystified character who’s purpose of narration is not entirely clear. Throughout Blood Brothers the narrator continually reminds Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnston that the arrangements will not work out. More precisely his words read, “There’s no use clutching at your rosary,

The devil’s in the garden and he can see
Deep inside; he can touch your bones
Not he won’t, no he’s never going to let you alone.
You can run you can hide but he’ll always find you
Wherever you are he’s just behind you.
When he rings at the chimes then he knows you’re in.
No you wont, no you’ll never get away from him,
No you wont, no you’ll never get away from him.”

An adaptation was made in this speech by the Ashcroft Theatre where the Narrator appends “The Devil’s got your number.” Into the speech, replacing ‘the chimes’. The idea of the narrator, I think is to give a continued sense of inevitability of the outcome of the play- that it can never end well as intended and that it is just a mater of time. This narration used, I thought was most effective. It added a great deal of eerie atmosphere to the play, which was needed at times to keep the play streamlined. This Narration also added a large degree of tension and mystery to the audience, which I thought, kept the play more interesting throughout; this narration was indeed a strength of Blood Brothers.

Blood Brothers made use of effective lighting and setting throughout. The setting transitions were well thought out and occurred in-frequently, which helped to keep the play easier to follow. The use of props was somewhat conservative, where the same props on-stage were used for various different tasks and proposes. This helped the audience to keep focus on the other characters rather than investigating any new items on stage. This also helped to keep the scene transition rate low. The intermission timing was appropriate- it also allowed the grew to give the set an overhaul, to emphasis the new area and setting. Music was very repetitive, and was unusually loud. Music was mixed with a high amount of treble, which assaulted the ears of the audience at times. This high treble needed to be lower as some of the middle was washed out. Blood Brothers featured a familiar beat throughout. One noticeable beat was the one just after Mrs Johnston would say “Like Marilyn Monroe.” This beat was most effective and gave a good upbeat to the soundtrack and the events happening on stage. This beat was even given a mellow mix at one time when its use...
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