Blood and Laughter Club

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Date: 6th May, 2013
To: Divya Aggarwal
From: Harsh Aggarwal
Subject: Join a Laughter Club

Hi Divya
How are you? Long time, no see! We spent so much time together when I was home last month for a week. I miss your company. When I was there you were too busy preparing for your class XII exams. I hope the preparations are going well. It was fun to watch movies and to go sightseeing with you. I hope you would be preparing for your class XII examinations quite well. But I am concerned to know that a very heavy schedule of work has overstressed you these days. Another disturbing factor is that you are not enjoying your required quota of sleep at night. An overstressed student can’t bring exceptionally good results. I suggest you to join a laughter club to combat your anxiety. It will help you to be stress-free, light-hearted and physically fit. Let me tell you about the healing power of ‘Laughter Yoga’. First of all laughter lowers blood pressure, the main cause of stress and anxiety. It reduces stress-hormones. It cleanses lungs and body tissues. It helps to increase your blood circulation in the body. Spontaneous laughter boosts your immune system. Laughter has a definite positive impact on mind. It creates a healthy link between Body and Mind. Above all, it produces a general sense of well being. Join a laughter club soon and realize the healing power of ‘Laughter Yoga’ yourself. I am sure it will help to make you free from stress, anxiety and false fears. You can appear with confidence and will come out with flying colors in the coming examination. Yours affectionately

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