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The Royal And Pontifical Blood Of the University Of Santo Tomas
“It is said that blood is thicker than water, it is what binds us, defines us, curses us. For some blood means a life of wealth and privilege, for others a life of servitude.” –Words spoken from a recent movie I have watched. It means a lot for some people, and it may mean nothing at all to others. For me it asks the question ‘What does “blood is thicker than water” mean?’ a question that leads to new set questions of why and how, possibly when and where, and so the list of questions doesn’t seem to have an end, that’s why the discussion goes on.

Historical, Royal, Pontifical, and Catholic university of the Philippines, not mention the whole of Asia. It is what defines our beloved university up to this day, when the Catholic community is already wide spread in the world, that UST is really something to look-up to. Not only for the history it has, but also for it’s culture of excellence when it comes to scholastic records. UST’s self-determination with the influence of God is the most distinguishable distinction of our university when compared to others. UST is like a drop of blood that is mixed with water, easily seen, one cannot mistake it as another. And in this distinction comes many benefits to its students and faculty members; the students receive quality education, one of the best in the country, not only for nourishing our future, but also our spiritual sense for UST is a Catholic university; the students also, in a sense, relives the time in our history when the Spaniards rule over the land, for UST is also full of treasures of the past, memories that the administration had not failed to preserve in all of UST’s centuries. Of course, all foretold benefits cannot be obtained through the university’s staff and faculty’s work alone. UST students are marked of many virtues namely; assertiveness, benevolence, charity, chastity and many more, not to mention the UST’s 3 C’s –Compassionate,...
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