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Topics: Blog, Microblogging, Reality Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Tumblr – Fantasy world, it’s not REAL.

Word Count of Written task: 877 (limit 800-1000)
Word Count of the Rationale: 257 (limit 200-300)

Mass communication. What is it? It is an academic study of how individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. The information is usually passed on through newspapers, magazines, radio, television and films, as there are used for both disseminating news and advertising. The content of “Tumblr- Fantasy world, It’s not REAL” is linked to mass communication as this article would most likely to be published in the newspaper by the guardian. The audience for this newspaper would be 25+ year olds as the language used is formal and not of interest to a teenager of nowadays. The purpose of this article to be in a newspaper such like the guardian would be to create awareness to the adults about how networking websites can invade ones social life which also leads into making the wrong decision in priorities. The image used in the beginning of the article is a collage of all theTumblr blogs made by one person. The purpose of this image with this article is to show the audience how one blog is not enough to fill one’s free time. The article is more opinion based on how the writer (I) think of people generally having Tumblr blogs, therefore the article is biased based on one person’s perspective. The claim of the article above is that if Tumblr is being used by today’s teenagers it should be used to an extent to which it would not lead to addiction which would kill the social life.

Tumblr – Fantasy world, it’s not REAL.
Inspired by the article “How social networks can destroy your social life” by John Naughton -------------------------------------------------

Komal Prakash
Friday 8 November 2012
A collage of posts posted on 3 different...
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