Blog or Not to Blog

Topics: World Wide Web, Blog, Website Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Most people today cannot imagine their life without the Internet. I believe it is one of the most important innovations. Thanks to the World Wide Web, our lives have become easier and more exciting. Nowadays many people use the Internet for writing online diaries. Blogs have been around since 1994 when Justin Hall, a bored student in the USA, began writing his diary on the Internet. Today, there are millions of blogs. The “blogosphere” is a virtual world where people chat, argue and even fall in love with someone. It is also a young world. Over half of blogs are written by teenagers. There are blogs about everything from computers to cooking, from politics to pets. Families use them to keep in touch with each other. Most teenagers write diaries about their everyday lives. You don’t need special computer skills. If you want to start blogging, you just register with companies like MySpace, Tweeter or others, log on and start writing or uploading photos. It’s easy and it’s free. But remember – never give away your real name, address or phone number because you don’t know who might read your blog. I wonder why people write online diaries. Why can’t they tell their close friends or relatives about their lives? I think there are many reasons. Some people want to train their writing skills or express themselves, share their ideas and be heard by many people. Others feel loneliness and they think that blogging is a good opportunity to find friends with the same thoughts and interests. And there are people who get a profit out of blog. As for me I kept a diary when I was a child. But now I prefer personal contacts. Besides I haven’t enough time to spend many hours writing down my thoughts and events from my life online because I am in the eleventh form now and I’m very busy. In brief, it’s the choice and the right of people to blog or not.
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