Bloemfontein Concentration Camp during the Boer War

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Bloemfontein concentration camp during the Boer War

The Boer war has recently ended and the British have won the war. Thanks to Ms.Hobhouse’s help and her observations on the Bloemfontein concentration camp, our organization is willing to create awareness about the past events in South Africa. The British created “refugee” camps (31 in total), and kept the women and children whose houses had been burnt there. For the British, this meant that the Boers who were fighting at the moment, would no longer be able to obtain food or other needs from their families. Moreover, it also meant that the men wouldn’t get to see their families. Nevertheless, their main goal was to demoralise the Boers by leaving their women and children homeless. However, the conditions of life in these concentration camps weren’t exactly great. People normally died, due to hygiene and undernourishment problems. The camp in Bloemfontein is a perfect evidence of the usual conditions of these “refugee camps”. Location of the Bloemfontein concentration camp

Bloemfontein Concentration Camp
General Information
This concentration camp was located in Bloemfontein, in the Orange Free State. Although, its size is not known, this concentration camp was bigger than the town of Bloemfontein itself and it was one of the largest camps in the Boer War. This concentration camp was directed by Captain Arthur Hume and Goold Adams, but they didn’t own it. The camp didn’t have an owner, it was simply British property. Surprisingly, the population of the camp was massively increasing all the time. By the end of November 1900, there were 519 people, and less than a year later-in August 1901- there were around 7,500 people in this concentration camp. 1,236 children and 432 women over 15 were considered to have died in this concentration camp. All outside world contact was cut off.

Conditions of life
This concentration camp had five long tin huts in addition to the tents, and it was not...
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