Block Scheduling vs Periods

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Advantages of Block Scheduling
A small debate has always been discussed when talking about block scheduling and traditional class periods. Some people like the longer classes while others prefer the traditional six shorter class periods. Everyone has their own opinions about block scheduling. Block scheduling can be really helpful to high school students in many ways. Although, block scheduling is a longer time spent in one class, it should be mandatory in all high schools rather than traditional class periods.

Block Scheduling is more like college classes, rather than traditional six period classes. There are many ways to schedule with using the block method. One option is the alternating block schedule. Classes meet each day for ninety minutes. Four classes meet on A days, and four meet on B days, with days of the week alternating as A or B. The second method is the semester block scheduling. This allows students to attend just four classes for ninety minutes each day for an entire semester. The following semester students enroll in another four classes. These two methods are the most like college classes. It is good for high school students to experience and get used to the longer time spent in classes to prepare them for college. Block scheduling allows students to take more subjects and cover more material in one class. High school students need to prepare for the future and get used to the way college classes are organized and with the block scheduling they are sure to do that. With the six traditional class periods students only have forty-five to sixty minutes in each class before the bell signals for the next. By the traditional six classes they stay in the same subject all year around. Block scheduling gives two more extra classes to take because of the extra time (Schroth).

Many high school students are involved in extracurricular activities at the school they attend. By using the block method, teachers can get most of everything they had...
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