Blink 182

Topics: Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 16, 2012
My subject of choice is on my favorite band called Blink-182. I chose this artist because of the impact they had on my life as a teenager. Lets start off on who the band is and what they do. Blink-182 is a pop-punk band that was formed in 1992 and still plays music today; their members are Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. When they formed in 1992 they sang songs of what life’s like as a teenager and the ordeals that teens go through. Their song “What’s my age again?” is about how getting older changes what your life’s like and what you can get away with, and there song “All The Small Things” was the depiction of love and not wanting to leave the one you love. One of the biggest impacts that Blink-182 had on me was in 2011 when one of my good friends, named Spencer committed suicide. That day in August almost destroyed me because it was just like a slap in the face by reality. Spencer was one of my best friends and he didn’t even leave a note or anything, one day he was just gone. Blink-182 released a song back in 2000 called “Adam’s song” which was a song about depression and suicide and how to overcome it. It depicts a boy who wants to go home and end it all and then realizing that there’s so much more to live for and that tomorrow is another day. I am actually listening to it right now as I write this because even though it’s a very sad song that reminds me of Spencer’s death; it’s a song that reminds me of all the good times we shared together. Its weird how such a sad song can be so good and addicting. It’s the most played song on my iTunes because its one of my favorite songs. “Adam’s song” definitely helped me get through Spencer’s death, and that’s one of the many reasons that Blink-182 is my favorite band. “Adam’s song” is not the only song by Blink-182 that means a lot to me. Blink-182’s song “Don’t Leave Me” was about a messy breakup and that the guy wants to start over again but the girl wont. This song is basically a story of my last...
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