Bling H20

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Individual Assessment Part 2: Bling H20

The product ‘Bling H2O’ was developed by Kevin Boyd who aimed to develop a luxury bottled water product that had an ‘exquisite face to match exquisite taste’ (website), stating that the product ‘is strategically positioned to target the expanding super-luxury consumer market’ (website). Bling H2O has adopted micromarketing to target specific consumers through one-on-one marketing based on market segmentation, product positioning, and consumer buying behaviour; this can also be adapted to Australian consumers. Potential Target Market

If Bling H20 was introduced to Australia, this product would target the expanding super – luxury consumer market. This market is comprised of prosperous consumers that generally purchase exclusive branded products, to improve or maintain their social status. The inclined demographic would consist of employed male/female consumers ranging between the ages of 30 – 35 years old. Target consumers would have a satisfactory education level and would earn a high disposable income of $50, 000 and over. Family size would be between 1-2 children. Occupation would be marketers, or managers in major companies and has a University graduate from UWS, Masters in Business and Commerce. Geographically, the consumers who would have the purchase power for this product would live in major cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as these areas are dominated with social venues. Furthermore, these areas can be additionally segmented into suburbs where there with high-profile and social standing consumers. Specifically to New South Wales for example, lucrative areas would be Mosman, Woollahra, Kuringai and North Sydney. On a psychographic level, Bling H20 will be purchased by the consumer that seeks to improve their social status, even though overall these peoples status are already high. Consumers may purchase this product to dictate their personality. The unique bottle gives consumers a visual way to stand out from others, which is important to their self-image. On a behavioural level, the buyer seeks a benefit-sought attitude towards Bling. Consumers purchase this product for special occasions. As the bottle is reusable and refillable, it allows these consumers to be loyal to the product. Bling H2O consumers seek benefits from the product, such as social status and exclusive luxury. This is the key reasons for Kevin Boyd initially developing Bling H2O. Bling H2O has been so successful because of the drive of consumers to always be improving their self-image. The product also pushes to improve the perceived self, as it gives a physical way for consumers to stand out and gain status. Even individuals, that perceive this product as being an outrage, may envy the consumer through the social status such marketing creates. Along with the water itself, the clothing line is another way to make the product seem exclusive. Those that buy the water can now instantly be put in an elite community when they buy the Bling clothing. As a tool for self-expression and status, Bling goes to a whole new level of extremes. The top of the line, handcrafted, crystal encrusted bottles are a physical symbol that goes absurdly above and beyond what people expect. This makes it truly stand out. Along with the physical presentation, the price is a clear statement that the consumer is investing in something very important. By going to these extremes, Bling H2O distinguishes itself as the ultimate luxury water. Opinion leaders may have an influence on consumers, such as Jamie Foxx: "A lot of times when you have some water, people are like, 'You're drinking water?' Instead, you say, 'Naw man, I'm blinging." (Starbury 2006) * Bottled Water Industry in Australia.

Fluoride was evident in all bottled waters tested, which therefore justifies the concern that a continuing consumption of bottled water will reduce benefits gained from water fluoridation. Cochrane...
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