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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Bling H2O Case Study
By Ben Mathews 16946545

Question 1
Bling H2O water is water that goes through a nine step purification process including ozone, ultraviolet and micro – filtration. Which is then bottled into fancy bottles like the frosted bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals. The bling H2O website admits that this product is more about the image then its taste. From this information of bling H2O the potential target market for consumers in Australia for this certain type of bottled water is people who either would live in the urban areas of Australia which would include places like Inner city areas of the capitals cities of Australia who have a high income or high profiled people such as celebrities or athletes who are in the public eye everyday and can afford to get the $55+ bottles each time they want a new bottle of water and want to show off their image that they can afford this expensive drink to the public to prove how well off they are. Or another type of target market is people who want to act or seem like they are important people to the public by buying a bottle of this bling H2O and carrying it around to show off the public so that they seem rich and successful. Question 2

The article (Koutsoukis, 2007, The real cost of bottled water) depicts the cost of the bottle water industry in Australia by how expensive it is to drink bottled water in Australia and how Australia’s love affair with bottled water is wasting other valuable resources like oil. Normal drinking water in Australia costs $1.20 a tonne where as Australian bottled water costs around $3000 a tonne. Australians overall spend over $350 million a year on bottled water and uses 314,000 barrels of oil a year to package. The article ( Griffin, 2004, Water, water everywhere...) talks about the growth rate of bottled water in Australia grows by 20% per year and which are the leading brands of bottled water in Australia. With the growing demand of bottled water in Australia the...
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