Blindness/Solitude of the Country

Topics: Oscar Wilde, Jorge Luis Borges, Writing Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Blindness/the Solitude of the Country

Jorge Borges and Samuel Johnson were over a century apart and still managed to share similar ideas and views about the world, besides from being two of my favorite writers from the Art of the Personal Essay. I noticed a similarity in both writers. Samuel and Jorge both shared a unique sense of writing style; both having been infatuated with poetry and literature is what I believe to be the connection between the fictional essays they both so humbly wrote. Reading about life and death; made me ask myself, Am I living life; or just living? The points they make in their stories are to me very clear and very interesting. These two writers not only wrote about life but captured the audience’s attention doing so.

Samuel Johnson writes about two different kinds of people in the world, those who are selfish and those who know nothing about life. Borges, a man whose life was changing dramatically was going thru the process of finding his own identity, to Borges the love of books was his path to discovering the differences that lie ahead for him were actually gifts. As I began rereading the stories of Johnson and Borges, I realized the passion and courage they both shared for their lives and the lives of others. Although their lives were completely different, they both shared the same views. Life is not always as it seems, you have to trample the bad with the good and keep moving forward. We all have obstacles to overcome and understanding one another is the first step. Both writers believed that we are all here for a reason; we have to help each other and leave a piece of our individuality for the next generation to progress.

Borges was a well educated man with a love for books, spending most of his time in the library he began to notice that three of the library’s directors had been blind, he told himself “two is a mere coincidence; three a confirmation”. He was sure god was making this happen and had a...
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