Blind Side

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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From Strangers. To Leaders. To Family.
Many times during high school and college professors tend to ask, “Who do you see as a leader and why?”, and the majority of the students refer to a parent or a close family member. Michael from the movie The Blind Side did not have a parent or close family member to view as a leader. Being a poor, homeless, teenage African-American, Michael Oher had a good heart that Leigh Anne saw since the first day she met him.

Leigh wanted to make a difference on Michael’s current situation and later found that she wanted to make long-term positive impact on Michael’s life! Leigh, her husband, and two kids welcomed Michael into their home and they each played a leadership and supportive role for Michael’s success. Leigh used several leader behaviors throughout the movie like, Directive, Supportive, Participative, Achievement-Oriented.

A Directive leader behavior that Leigh portrayed in the movie was when she went out of her way and investigated Michael’s grades to ultimately structure a plan so that Michael could then follow. After Leigh found that Michael had low scores on the majority of the subjects, she made it a point to instruct him to try in his classes, by also making it clear what expectations existed, and the time line he had in attaining the objectives. Leigh knew he had an interest in football so she directed him into increasing his GPA so he could play football.

The entire family used the leadership behavior of Supportive when they all attended his football games and practices. The daughter sat with him in the school’s library to study together even though other people starred at them since he was an African American boy. The son cared for him, saw him, and introduced him as his big brother and assisted in training Michael on and off the field with football practices and plays.

Leigh, towards the end of the movie showed her Participative leadership by asking Michael what he thought about playing football...
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