Blind Side

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Dear Sean Tuohy,
Over the last couple of months you and your outstanding family have provided everything I have every wanted a ‘family’. My life growing up consisted of running, drugs, unreliable parents a couch and others aspects. I have faced many obstacles and challenges in my life. I have been through some things no child my age should have to experience. I have learnt to face my everyday challenges by facing the fact that I can get through it, plus the support of others was very helpful, and knowing someone on earth would be having a worse day. When I was a young child I had many scaring and frightening moments. I have seen a lot of habits my mum got into, taking drugs and being a big disappointment to my family. Then I soon later found out I had 12 brothers and sisters. My mother would tell me to shut my eyes when I was scared or anything she didn’t want me to see, after that she would then tell me to count to 3 and then I could open my eyes. I suffered a lot as a child and faced a lot of hardships, I struggle to learn but yet I can apparently write? You and your family have given me hope and believed in me. I have been through a lot and watching my mum throw her life away doesn’t mean I was going to follow in her footsteps. After I crashed your car with SJ I thought you weren’t going to trust me again, but yet you gave me so much more. You took me under you wings, you gave me an education, and you let me go to college. I’m so grateful that someone has given me the opportunity to prove myself to them and let me show them who I am and my potentials. I am glad that I could I write to you to express how I feel. I struggled a lot and I use to be a quiet and shy boy, but now I am a confident and free spirited person and you and your wife have given me reason to believe again. Thankyou

From Michael Oher

Discuss what your character learnt:
In the movie, Michael Oher’s character capabilities change majorly.  Throughout...
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