Blind Love

Topics: Love, Short story, Old age Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Blind Love
Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, where the feeling might come from the heart or from a mysterious liquid. As two great stories “Appointment with Love” by S. I. Kishor, and “The Chaser” by John Collier, were love is seeing from two different perceptives. S. I. Kishor’s “Appointment with Love” shows the audience the deep feeling of love, and John Collier’s “The Chaser” is based on the situational irony of the unreal hope of youth as opposed to the extreme disillusion of age and experience. “Appointment with Love” and “The Chaser” are two similar stories were love takes a different path. While Kishor story elucidates the meaning of love, Collier story underscore the danger of making someone fall in love by drinking magical substance. The short story “Appointment with Love” tackles the most common idea of love. Where a man falls in love with a lady he has never met. Writing letters to each other, they begin to uncover a mutual love between them. They decide to meet for the first time While he was waiting to meet the lady whose words had touch his heart, an elderly woman, wearing a rose on her coat approaches him. He thinks the elderly woman is the woman that has been writing all those beautiful letters to him. Even though, the woman did not looked the way he was hopping her to looked, he invites her out for dinner. The elderly woman confuse by the gentleman’s request tells him (line 3, paragraph 8) “That young lady in the greensuit, she begged me to wear this rose on my coat. And she said that if you asked me to go out with you, I should tell you she's waiting for you in that restaurant across the street. She said it was some kind of test." Kishor elucidates what society describes as truth love. Loving someone for how they really are in the inside and not by how they looked in the outside. The short story “The Chaser” is based on the situational irony of the unreal hope of youth as opposed to the extreme...
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