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1. D
2. D
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3. A
4. C
5. D
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. D

Pamela Vargas
Essay Questions:
1. Over the story, we will notice several attitude changes toward Blima’s appearance. Some of them can be cause for her style of life or inclusive for her family. At the beginning when she feels no be too pretty like her sister Adele, who was recognized for everyone because of her beauty, however, her mother makes her to change that idea because Blima had something much better than exterior beauty and is her intelligence, enthusiasm, self-motivation. In addition, after the nightmare that she lives, she return to think that she do not have a good appearance because on what she lives in prison and how she looks after that, also she thinks that everybody look different at her. 2. Sometimes, when you have something you not realize what you got until you lose it. That what happened with Blima, when she have everything (food, shoes, cloth) at her house she want more. At the story, explains that one day she want go to out and she cannot find her new party shoes and Blima make a mess the whole house looking for the shoes and she do not found anything. This incident has a good relation with what happened later, because when Blima went to prison she does not have anything, no shoes, and no cloth. From those days, she does not care about the thing that she had.

3. When Blima goes on prison, she does not believe in nobody, even on her friend Clara. However, at her first day that the prison she had been selected to work. At the next day, when Blima go to her first day of work, she notice that at the factory are two women overseers, both women look really wicked. One of them notice that Blima do not know how use the machines. Silently go directly where Blima was and ask what her name was immediately Blima tell her name she ask from where she from and Blima tell her. After all of that Gizella ask if Blima knows how to sew, Blima do not answer but Gizella notice that Blima do not know what she was doing,so Gizella teach Blima how to sew. At the next, Gizella bring bread to Blima. When Blima was eating the bread, Gizella ask where her mother was and Blima almost crying said that she do not have any idea, in that instant Gizella said to Blima that in prison, she will be her mother and she kiss Blima’s forehead. Gizella bring bread and talk to Blima every single day in private, because if other overseers see any of this, they will kill Gizella. 4. Right now, all over the United States have this situation, people taking other people from their houses, places and streets. The only difference is that in the past, this action was something natural and the people were call “slaves” now we call them “kidnapper”. This people are kidnap for money and sometimes for pleasure.

Three Defiant Characters:
In our daily life, we protect our rights no matter what. In The Story of Blima: A Holocaust Survivor, three characters quietly defy the Nazis. The first who defy the Nazis is Magda, the second who stands up is Ruschia and the third one is Lydia who disobeys the Nazis. One character who defies the Nazis is Magda. At the prison, when she one day dared look a soldier in the eye and one night they was marching in the woods from Grunberg, the labor camp to Bergen-Belsen and Magda was taken for a boy-soldier to take a walk apart from the rest. Soon the boy-soldier emerges alone from the forest, rubbing his hands and spitting hard into the ground. A second character who stands up the Nazis is Ruschia. Who is very sick with Typhus and with problems with her legs, she stay with her sister in law Blima and her sister Sophie thru the end until the bus picks up them and gives the freedom. Finally, a third character who disobeys to the Nazis is Lydia. Who one day, she try...
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