Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

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Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

My presentation for today is about one of the beatitudes. But before that, what is a Beatitude?

Beatitude means “blessing” or “promise of true happiness”. Beatitudes direct us along paths where we would not normally expect to find happiness and the happiness or blessings that they direct us to is one that will find our earthly life and eternal life with God. Jesus' beatitudes will lead us to the happiness of true and lasting friendship with others and with God. The beatitudes are the stepping stones on path to the kingdom of God. This just means the beatitudes will serve as our guide on our way to God and on our way to eternal life. The beatitudes is also a list of eight blessings listed by Jesus at the Sermon of Mount. Its meaning comes from Latin word “beatus” meaning happy, fortunate or blissful. They are basically a list of traits or virtues in believers that God sees as good and will reward.

There are eight beatitudes and those are:

•Blessed are the poor in spirit•Blessed are the merciful •Blessed are those who mourn•Blessed are the pure in heart •Blessed are the meek•Blessed are the peacemakers
•Blessed are those who hunger and •Blessed are those who persecued for thirst for righteousness righteousness sake

But today, I am going to talk about: Blessed are the poor in Spirit.

Matthew 5:3
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Being poor in spirit does not mean having week faith, but it is when we experience spiritual brokeness of our full dependence, heart, and faith upon God. We become void of pride and things of the flesh that hold us down from seeking God first and putting Him first in our lives. Perhaps this is why it is posted as the first beatitude of the list?

Just as Jesus said on John 16:33 He would leave us His peace , He also said on John 15:11 His joy would remain in us . Despite the trials, suffering and tribulations, we can preserve in faith,...
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