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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.

Chapters One and Two – Note: chapters are in parentheses.

1. Where are Antonio’s brothers at the beginning of the story? (1) 2. Where was Antonio born? (1)
3. Why did the family move to Guadalupe? (1)
4. How did Antonio’s father react to leaving the llano? (1) 5. Why does the Marez family bring Ultima into their home? (1) 6. What does the family call Ultima? Why? (1)
7. What is Antonio’s first dream about? Describe and explain what he sees. 8. What comes with Ultima?(1)
9. Why did Lupito kill the sheriff? (2)
10. Who tried to reason with Lupito before he was shot? (2) 11. Why did Gabriel build their house on a hill, rather than down by the river? (2)

Chapters Three and Four
1. Describe Antonio’s first day of church. (3)
2. What sort of effect does Ultima have on Antonio’s personality? (3) 3. How does Lupito’s murder affect Antonio? What specifically is he confused or worried about?(3) 4. What role does religion play in the Marez’ household? Are all members of the family religious?(3) 5. What does Antonio meet outside of church? What is your impression of these people?(3) 6. Describe the relationship that Ultima has with nature. (4) 7. Why does the Marez family go to El Puerto every autumn? (4) 8. Compare/contrast Antonio’s perception of God with his perception of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Chapters Five- Six
1. Who is Prudencio? Where does he live? (5)
2. Describe the time at El Puerto. What is enjoyable? (5) 3. Did Antonio’s father go to school? Where (or how) did he get his “education”? (6) 4. What two things upset Antonio on his first day of school? (6) 5. Who is the Vitamin Kid? Why do you think he is called by this name? (6)

Chapters Seven- Nine
1. What ends in the beginning of chapter seven? Who returns? 2. How is Antonio doing in school? How...
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