Bless Me, Ultima

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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Stephanie Granados
English, Big Lit

Bless me, Ultima draft #1

Bless me, Ultima is a novel by Rudolfo Anaya that takes place in a poor farming community in Guadalupe, New Mexico. Antonio, the main character in the book, at such a young age he is witness to death, violence and evil. He is forced to make decisions that will affect his future. As this takes place Antonio is surrounded by various conflicts that in a way help him make his decisions. These conflicts; Good versus Evil, Mother versus Father and various religious conflicts are also the main themes in the novel. Throughout the novel the theme “Good versus Evil” is portrayed by two characters, Ultima and Tenorio. Ultima, a healer, being essentially good and Tenorio the evil man whose daughters are apparent witches. In the story, Antonio’s uncle Lucas is said to have been cursed by Tenorio’s daughters. His uncle seeks Ultima for help. When Ultima enters Tenorio’s bar to ask him to tell his daughters to remove the curse, Tenorio is rather hostile and tries to intimidate Ultima. “’Ay Bruja!’ Tenorio threatened with his fist. ‘For what you have said to shame my daughters and my good name in front of those men, I will see you dead!’ His voice was harsh and ominous. His evil eyes glared at Ultima. ‘I do not fear your threats, Tenorio,” Ultima said calmly. ‘You well know, my powers were given to me by el hombre volador—’” (p.94). However, Ultima does not succumb to Tenorio’s threats and cures Tony’s uncle from the spell casted upon him. It wasn’t easy though, several events that are lead to believe that had something to with Tenorio and his daughters make the job much harder. When curing Lucas, coyotes come and start howling outside of the room where Lucas is being kept. Antonio is present at all time and is somewhat scared, but Ultima is not going to be easily disturbed. Her owl comes in a helps; “Then I heard it. It was the call of Ultima’s owl. ‘O-oooo-ooo,’ it shrieked into the wind, dove...
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