Bless Me Ultima

Topics: Rudolfo Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima, Forgiveness Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Antonio’s Growing Up
In the novel, Bless Me Ultima, Antonio Marez has personal endeavors that provide him with his outlook on life. The author, Rudolfo Anaya sets this up beautifully by putting the protagonist, Antonio, through a riveting and exciting plot. In the novel, Antonio Marez has multiple exposures of maturity, such as being raised in a rural area, experiencing death firsthand, and learning the act of forgiveness.

An experience that gives Antonio a different outlook on life is being raised in Guadalupe. Growing up in this rural area has put him very close to nature and the land. This shapes his outlook on life because it connects him to his family, since his uncles are very close to the land. This also makes Antonio more mature because it develops a love and respect for the land. Being raised in Guadalupe also sets up a distinctive perception for Antonio because he lives in a middle class environment. For example, in Antonio’s household his father and mother both work hard and Antonio is given chores and discipline. This shapes his maturity because it does not make him spoiled or self-indulgent. It also builds his character because it makes him work hard to accomplish his goals.

Another experience that shapes the maturity of Antonio is witnessing death firsthand. Seeing Narciso or Ultima die in front of his eyes leaves Antonio with a severe and grueling scene. This definitely changes his outlook on life because it exposes him to the evil of Tenerio. It also is a key moment for Antonio because it shows him that there is tragedy and death in this world. Experiencing death directly is tragic for anyone but to experience it at the age Antonio did is horrific. I say this because most people in their lives, let alone children, ever see death unfold before their eyes. This gives Antonio an altered form of maturity to his peers because more than likely none of them has had to go through what Antonio did. This also takes away some of the happiness and...
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