Blended Families

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  • Published : February 9, 2010
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The World of Blended Families
Dave Mitchell
February 09, 2010
The World of Blended Families
Blended Families are dramatically taking over the world’s population. There are more than twenty two million stepfamilies in the United States, and about thirteen hundred new ones form each day. (Bao, 2005). A Blended family is one or more persons from one family joining another partial family to make a whole blended family. There are many times, when children are involved in the newly made family and a parent involved at the least. Put children and parents together and it makes a blended family.

Children in blended families are always the spotlight for neglect and are the ones that need to be in a good family. Children out of anyone in the blended family, feel the sense of missing something, if it be mom, dad or sister and brother, that aren’t living with the new blended family. Children are used to lots of attention when growing up, but it seems when this new blended family is put together, the attention is directed towards the blended family as a whole. This lack of one on one attention leads children into acting out more for the loss of attention from one parent or both. All in all, children seem to get the brunt of it all, when it was the parent’s choice to start the new family. Parents on the other hand, play a big role in the blended family. So many parents think that there was a problem with the previous relationships and this doesn’t seem to be the problem. Blended families will not work. First off, the parent moving in, has to try their most to fit in with the children, along with fitting into the family, as the children still know they are not the real parent. This will bring along the frequent arguments over relationship deals and along with running this new family the way it should be run. These arguments get the leading role of why and how everyone is neglected in the whole blended family.

The whole point...
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