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im sorry that i am a dickhead my care bear i dont know what i am doing all i feel like im doing anymore is making you upset and i cant make you feel the way you want to i wish i responded when you want me to but sometiimes i dont hhear you just like you dont hear me and feel really bad and like shit when you say things like why do you need to side with my parents all the time i dont mean to i just dnt like making anyone mad thats just how i am and i cant change it i try so hard to make you happy i have been feeling like a dick head consintly because i cant make one of your days comletly happy. i dont want to loes you you are my world and i cant see myself with any one else ever you are all i want and i hate when you get upset i try to fix everything and make you feel better even if i dont like what is going on because you always come before me. i feel like sometimes you want more than me and know matter how much you think or belive other wise all i want is you and there is nothing that is ever going to change that it bothers me so much that you think ur not good enough for mme care bear you are everything to me and you think you dont look beautiful but judith you are far more than beautiful you have the sweetest hear i have ever seen before and it kills me knowing that someone did something like danniel did to you because i can see hhow mch it took a toll on you i will never do what he did to you i am going to marry you one day and i hope that you want to get married to me to i want a baby a little boy and a little girl running around our house and i am never going to leave you i just want to be everything you \want and be the best boyfreind in the world and hoprfuly your husband.i feel like shuting down its getting to me so bad i love you with all of my heart and. i wish you knew how upset i get when you are upset i hide it so much so that i can try and cheer you up and make you feel better. if you ever read this know that i will never leave you i will always...
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