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  • Published: February 17, 2013
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Deadly Assault Leaves Gang Member Dead
Teen stabbed to death as part of gang violence
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK-- The New York Police Department is currently investigating the stabbing of a teenage male in New York City. Andy Gikwest, 17, was found dead early Saturday morning in Cortlandt Alley between Walker and White Streets in Manhattan. Andy and his longtime girlfriend, Laura Duttin, were at a party near Broadway and White Street in Manhattan, when he told Laura he needed to go outside for a short break. NYPD believes he was walking down Walker Street when he was attacked by at least 2 people, who stabbed him in the abdomen area at around 11:15 PM. They ran away, leaving Kyle bleeding in the Alleyway between White Street and Walker Street. “He [Gikwest] told me that he needed to get some fresh air. He was out for 15-20 minutes until I started worrying, so I went out searching for him,” says Duttin. “I was looking for 15 minutes ’till I found him on the sidewalk with blood everywhere.” She also said that she found Andy on his back with his bloody Royals jackets some 3 feet away. She then ran looking for help, but by the time she returned with an officer, Andy had already died. Gikwest’s grandmother, Roslyn Jeffans, addressed the public on Sunday outside her Brooklyn apartment. “[Gikwest] was such a loveable boy; I don’t know why anyone would want to do such an evil act to him. I just can’t believe this. It feels like a nightmare that we [Andy’s family] can’t wake up from.” Gikwest was a known member of the Brooklyn gang, the Royals who were away for the weekend in Manhattan. Police suspect that members of the rival gang, the Guardians, snuck up on Andy while he was on the street looking for a store to buy a cigarette. Andy was left for around 35 minutes before his girlfriend found him. Not witnesses have come forward as of yet. “You know bro, we feel bad for Gikees family, he was a good pal to have around. But this **** happens all the time,” says gang leader...
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