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Optimizing your B2B integration


Hermes, International Business Center is an international integration service provider enabling businesses to optimize their B2B collaboration and engagement by linking them across a selection of service fields. At Hermes the key aspect is to add value to clients by facilitating them to get in touch with entrepreneurs alike, in order to enhance overall operations and the next step into their internationalization process. Hermes, IBC has many links with international firms in an extensive range of sectors. Links are established with trading, construction, and pharmaceutical firms. In addition, Hermes is also linked with companies in the service utilities and energy sectors. Next to the cooperation with many international firms, Hermes has very strong ties with Commercial Attaches from all around the globe. These relations assist in the process of interlinking firms by leveling out issues regarding an eventual partnership. As of the beginning of the year 2013, Hermes opened its office in Erbil, Iraq.

Regarded as an economically booming region, the Kurdistan Region in Iraq has become a “safe haven” for many international firms which seek to counter their losses made in the West. The Kurdistan Region has introduced a strong sense of attractiveness towards many international firms, these firms enter the Iraqi Kurdish market not knowing how to conduct their first steps, they need a partner which could assist and guide them. Hermes IBC is the most suitable partner in interlinking business in Iraq, this because of their extensive network and relations with numerous Iraqi firms. Relations extend to the level incorporating high – level local business men in the board of Directors. One firm which has been Hermes partner is the local firm, Babylon Media Group. Hermes IBC aims to serve global companies which are trying to enter the Iraqi market and similar markets, and which need...
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