Blankets Craig Thompson

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Blankets, by Craig Thompson is a story about a Christian boy, who lived in a Christian family with a very religious mother. Craig is the main character and Phil is his little brother. Growing up, Craig and Phil had to share a room and sleep in the same bed. They would always fight for the blankets and keep eachother awake. When their dad heard them stirring up commotion, they would be split up and one would have to sleep in "The Chubby Hole". The Chubby hole was a dark room, they call the forgotten room of the house. The house Craig and Phil grew up in was an old farmhouse in Wisconsin. It had a heat circulation/ ventilaion problem so on hot days, the heat would rise to the top of the house making the kids room very hot and miserable. The family was not very wealthy so usually no fans were allowed to be used. Craig and Phil would spit all over themselves to look like sweat for an excuse to be able to have the fan. In the Winter, their room was freezing.

School was not very enjoyable to Craig. He was the small skinny kid, always getting picked on. He would get made fun of about his family because they werent wealthy, and his little brother for being a little dork with messy hair. Nothing got to him hard, he would go to school and pretty much ignore any bullys. Also in school, Craig was a very good artist, he drew pictures of everything.

Christmas break came and Craig went away to Christian Youth camp. He felt separated from the other campers. They talked about things Craig didnt want to hear during bedtime. He read the bible before bed and he would get picked on like it was a bad thing. The First day, Craig met a Girl named Raina. She caught his interest because she said she was going to avoid as many as the activities as possible. Craig liked that because he doesnt go skiing or any other things they do at the camp. When he heard Raina say she was avoiding them, Craig said, "I'm joining that crusade". They began to talk.

Raina came back with the boys to...
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